Can Louisville Beat Alabama? Ranking The Six Teams That Could


ESPN has picked the top six candidates that could face Alabama in a playoff and ranked them in order of their ability to challenge the Tide. It’s no surprise that Louisville is on this list. You might be surprised where they ranked Louisville. This is what ESPN’s Alex Scarborough wrote about Louisville …

Louisville – Whenever you have a quarterback of Lamar Jackson’s caliber, you have a puncher’s chance. His 46 total touchdowns speak for themselves. His speed and quickness would give Alabama’s front seven fits, and his ability to move the ball downfield through the air would put added stress on a secondary that’s somewhat susceptible to the deep ball. Think of Jackson as Cam Newton and Louisville as the 2010 Auburn Tigers. Newton got the credit, but Michael Dyer was a productive running back, and while that defense wasn’t incredibly talented, it was opportunistic. With Louisville, there’s no looking past Brandon Radcliff, who is averaging 7.2 yards per carry, and there’s no discounting a defense that ranks in the top 25 in sacks and has forced 22 turnovers, which is four more than Alabama.

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