Nunnsense: Citrus Disappointment, Brohm And The Yum! Controversy

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  • Prior to this football season for the University of Louisville, I posted a game by game prediction and then I asked if you wanted to pump the brakes or continue to ride the hype train.  In that article I stated that I was going to ride that train all the way to a new years bowl game. I predicted that Louisville would go 11-1 losing to only Clemson and just miss the college football playoffs. Most said I was a little too optimistic and that 9 maybe 10 wins would be more realistic. Then the season started and Louisville came out absolutely destroying opponents. College GameDay came to the Ville and Louisville beat Florida State worse than Ralphie beat Scott Farkus. Lamar looked better than advertised and with the top 5 showdown at Clemson looming, I still saw that look in Bobby’s eye. That confident look and smirky devilish smile led me to believe that he knew he had something special with this team. I suddenly had plenty of company in my belief of an 11 win regular season. After coming up a yard short of certain victory in Death Valley, I no longer saw that look in Bobby’s eye and the team started trending downward with a loss of focus and preparation. You know how the rest of the regular season ended. So, it turns out Louisville finished about where the majority of the fans expected prior to the season. My question to you is are you disappointed with the Citrus bowl? It’s clear that based on the early season success and being so close to the playoffs, expectations were raised. If you go back to the Red White scrimmage and I told you that Louisville would win 9 games, play in the Citrus bowl vs LSU and have a Heisman Trophy finalist, would you be happy with that season? I would signup for that season (minus the last loss of the regular season). The potential of beating LSU to end the season can really set the tone for next season. Let’s not be disappointed but rather celebrate and support this team one last time.

Jeff Brohm
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  • You all have heard that Card forever,  Jeff Brohm, has taken the job as head football coach at Purdue University. After 5 or 6 years of success at Purdue I believe he will be the next head coach at his alma mater, the University of Louisville. Brohm is just one of those guys that is easy to root for. After Brohm was named “Kentucky High School Player of the Decade” for the 1980s and “Ky Mr. Football”, he was drafted by the Montreal Expos but turned down the offer to play football for Louisville. After his freshman year at Louisville he decided to play baseball as well as football. Brohm was drafted by the Cleveland Indians but after 2 years in the minors he decided to give up baseball to focus on football. He played in the NFL for Chargers, Redskins, 49ers, Buccaneers, Broncos and Browns. Not to mention his success in the now defunct XFL. Brohm then went into coaching were he started as the coach of the Louisville Fire and then returned to U of L as the quarterbacks coach under Bobby Petrino. Petrino left and Brohm stayed around and eventually worked his way up to offensive coordinator. After that 2008 season, Brohm left Louisville and took a position on the Florida Atlantic staff under Howard Schnellenberger. Next he went to Illinois as the quarterbacks coach followed by a stop at UAB as offensive coordinator. In 2013 he went to WKU to be offensive coordinator and assistant head coach under Bobby Petrino. After one season Petrino left to come home and Brohm filled the head coaching vacancy at WKU. Now after 3 seasons, Brohm has moved on to Purdue. This is great for him and could be great for us as Louisville fans in the future. I wish him well and look forward to seeing him on the Louisville sidelines down the road.


  • There has been much controversy over the Yum! Center ever since it was built. Many people have said it’s hemorrhaging money while others claim it making money hand over fist. All we knew was that the University of Louisville got a sweetheart deal. Nobody really knew all the details but now it’s all out in the open. Tom Jurich finally spoke on the issue and said he is willing to give back to help the city but feels that the University is not wanted as a tenant in the Yum! and wouldn’t hesitate to build an on campus arena like he had originally planned before the city asked them to become primary tenant of a downtown arena. It’s a big mess and as long as Jurich is in charge I feel comfortable that what is best for the University will be the final outcome. I hope to keep the Yum! and I don’t mind if my tax dollars are used to help.


Photo: Cardinal Sports Zone

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