LSU Website Uses Lamar Jackson’s Total Yards As Tie Breaker In Contest

Photo: Rant Sports

Geaux247 is doing a bowl Pick’em for the Citrus bowl where the LSU fans pick the winner and score. In case of a tie, the website optimistically and cleverly worded how to determine the winner as such, “Tiebreaker will be total yards LSU defense holds Lamar Jackson to.”

Well Louisville fans, we have wanted respect from the college football world. It appears as though the Heisman trophy has garnered some respect. This contest is a sign that we are moving in the right direction. Now we just have to go win the games.



Here are some of the entries


38 – 24 Louisville.

Jackson gets 415 total yards.


  • BigShowLSU

Lsu 45
Louisville 34

418 yards for Mr Heisman


31-21 good guys

241 for LJ


LSU 48-41, LJ 324 total yards


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