Jaire Alexander 2016 Season Highlight Video


Photo: Twitter

Opponents passed against Louisville 31.6 times per game and gained an average of 207.1  yards. The majority of those pass attempts were nowhere near cornerback Jaire Alexander.  He has quickly become one of the best corners in the country in only his sophomore year. I would go as far to say that he is a shut down corner. Very impressive considering he started his high  school career as wide receiver. He has the hands of a receiver, the footwork of Fred Astaire and closing speed that lures opposing quarterbacks to believe their receiver is open. However, opposing quarterbacks are now wise to this and rarely throw in his direction. The risk is just too great.

His speed and ability to change direction in the blink of an eye make him a very dangerous punt returner as well. You all were witness to the return touchdown vs. Florida State this year. That was the first punt return TD for Louisville since 2010. He returned another one for a TD vs Duke but it was called back for a phantom block in the back. Even though it didn’t count, it was still impressive to watch. Every time Jaire catches a punt and I see he has just a little room to return it, I immediately stand with the anticipation that I am about to witness something great. I love that feeling.

You can follow Jaire on twitter –

Or on Instagram – 10ville (I highly recommend you follow him. Very entertaining)

Here is the 2016 Jaire Alexander highlight video.


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