Pitino Defends Grayson Allen And Donovan Mitchell Apologizes For Fans Booing

Photo: Bleacher Report

All of college basketball is aware of the many tripping incidents from Duke’s Grayson Allen. We have also seen temper tantrums when he didn’t get the call he wanted or when he felt he was unjustly called for a foul. Based on what we have seen, we have all formed opinions about what kind of kid he is. Unjustly or not, that is human nature. Rick Pitino knows the players better than any of us and he thinks it’s a reflex.  “I happen to think (the times Allen has tripped opponents), it’s a reflex action like someone throwing an elbow,” Pitino said.

“He’s a highly, highly intelligent young man. So why would you do it? I think he’s a terrific young man who made a mistake, and you know, he made three of them. But I think it’s a reflex action when he does something wrong; he’ll lunge out or he’ll trip somebody. But he’s a good person. I know he’s a good person. I checked it out.”

Also, Donovan Mitchell didn’t like the fans booing Allen at the YUM on Saturday. ” As for the booing, Mitchell said his home crowd doing that was “a little bit much.” He also apologized to Allen for connecting his hand with Allen’s face.”

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