NCAA Responds And Rejects Louisville’s Response Of The NOA

(Photo Cred: @gocards)

The NCAA had 60 days to respond to Louisville’s response, that they filed on January 17th, to the notice of allegations. Louisville’s response contested the NCAA’s fourth allegation, which stated that Cards head coach Rick Pitino “violated NCAA head coach responsibility legislation” as a result of infractions committed by former director of basketball operations Andre McGee from 2010-14.

Per Eric Crawford. (WDRB) – “The NCAA has rejected the University of Louisville’s claim that men’s basketball coach Rick Pitino adequately monitored the program, concluding that Pitino did not seek routine feedback about activities in a dormitory where a onetime aide arranged for strippers and prostitutes to entertain players and recruits.”

Read full story and all of the 118 pages of response from the NCAA here…

The next step is that the NCAA’s Committee on Infractions will now begin reviewing the case materials. A hearing date will set about 30-45 days after the enforcement staff issues its counterarguments. (from Thursday 3-16-17)


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