Cards To Watch For In The NFL Draft


With the 2017 NFL Draft just days away, our own Matt McGavic looks at the draft eligible Cards.

DeAngelo Brown

Defensive Tackle
6’1″, 317 lbs

Being one of the strongest players in all of college football, Brown has a tremendously strong lower body and can bully his way around an offensive lineman at the point of attack. However, his strong lower body is also his Achilles’ heel, as he can be a bit stiff at times and lack explosiveness.

Projected Draft Position: Round 7, Pick 243 (Texans)

Devonte Fields

Outside Linebacker
6’2, 236 lbs

Fields has incredible agility and tremendous explosiveness, which allows him to close in on a ball carrier extremely fast. Though he doesn’t have a huge stride from being a slightly undersized pass rusher and could be a tad more physical.

Projected Draft Position: Round 3, Pick 96 (Patriots)

Josh Harvey-Clemons

6’4″, 217 lbs

Harvey-Clemons uses his height and long wingspan to translate into incredible range on the field. While he can play edge to to edge with ease, he does tend to over pursue or take bad angles in the running game.

Projected Draft Position:Round 6, Pick 192 (Panthers)

Cole Hikutini

Tight End
6’4″, 247 lbs

A tight end with wide receiver skills, he can track the ball in the air better than most tight ends and has great acceleration to make for a good short game. As he is a tight end though, he does need to work a bit on his blocking.

Projected Draft Position: Round 6, Pick 193 (Bengals)

Colin Holba

Long Snapper
6’4″, 248 lbs

While he is a deadshot in terms of pure snapping ability, he could benefit from some additional strength training in order to adjust to the NFL game.

Projected Draft Position: Undrafted

Keith Kelsey

Inside Linebacker
6’0″, 233 lbs

An extremely aggressive tackler and has the “play until the whistle blows” mentality, Kelsey can wrap-up with the best of them. While his open field tackles are fine, he is prone to missing a man when diving for a tackle, and his speed is just a little bit below average.

Projected Draft Position: Round 7, Pick 253 (Broncos)

James Quick

Wide Receiver
6’0″, 186 lbs

While Quick can track the ball quite well and is a very good route runner, his stiff hands leave him prone to drops.

Projected Draft Position: Undrafted

Jamari Staples

Wide Receiver
6’3″, 195 lbs

Staples can both climb the ladder to grab the long ball as well as reach out to grab passes that are slightly off target. Unfortunately, he is prone to injury over his career and doesn’t have great route running ability.

Projected Draft Position: Undrafted


All draft projections are made by Fox Sports

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