Nunnsense: This Football Season Is Going To Be A Special One


Everyone in the world knows that the reigning Heisman trophy winner plays for the University of Louisville. Only about half of the world knows that Jaire Alexander also plays for Louisville. The majority of those people who know about Jaire are quarterbacks and coaches. Well, that is about to change.

The University of Louisville has had 50 players drafted in the NFL since 2000. They have also had many others sign free agent deals. There has been numerous seasons where the opening game roster was littered with potential NFL talent. But I can’t remember a season where Louisville has had two players in the same class with as much talent as this year with Lamar and Jaire. Both are locks to be drafted after their junior season at Louisville.

I guess you could argue that “The Derby City Duo,” Brohm/Bush year (2006) could be very similar since they ran Heisman campaigns for both.  The difference is that Brohm and Bush both played skill positions and Jaire does not. However, I believe, without injury Michael Bush would have won the Heisman and without a thumb injury, Brohm would have won some post season awards as well, making that the best year for two players of the same class ever.

It would have also been very interesting to see a season of Teddy and DeVante together under head coach Bobby Petrino.

Lamar will garner most of the attention this season but keep an eye on Jaire. He won’t get as much attention on defense as he deserves because most smart opposing quarterbacks won’t dare throw in his direction. Don’t let that fact distract you from the fact that Jaire is among the elite, if not the best cover corner in all of college football.

Jaire will get most of his media attention from his amazing ability to return punts. While most common college football fans get their football knowledge from ESPN highlights, the very knowledgeable Louisville fan base will watch and appreciate Jaire as the most complete player on the team.

So I say to you Card fans, watch, appreciate and enjoy two of the best players to ever wear a Cardinal football uniform. This season is going to be a very special one if for nothing more than the pure joy of watching these two exceptionally talented juniors compete and strive to bring home a championship in their last season at Louisville.


As Always, GO CARDS!

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