Nunnsense: They’re Coming Out Of The Woodwork


I’m not the biggest baseball fan in the world. I tend to stay more focused on football but as a Louisville Cardinal, I follow almost every sport. While I am not the baseball guy on this site, I know the line-up, rotation and some facts. I try to listen or watch most of the games but I only attend a game or two every year.

To be honest, I had never been to a Louisville baseball game until about 2002,  even though I attended Louisville in the early ’90’s. I don’t consider myself a fair weather fan but it’s human nature that winning drives increased interest and attendance. Everyone wants to be part of something special.

That’s why we are seeing fans from our super regional opponent coming out of the woodwork during non basketball season. Until this week, the only thing I had heard out of them is that Lamar struck a Heisman pose, then fumbled and something about the NBA draft.

I don’t know about you but I am perfectly okay with it. Let them come out of the woodwork. It’s just part of the rivalry. This competitive banter we will engage in this weekend is exactly what this rivalry is all about. We all know there will be a few fans that take it just a little too far but it’s your responsibility as a Cardinal to not be “that fan.” Engage with caution and act like we have been there before. It is our 5th straight super regional after all.

After the disappointment of the last 2 super regional final at bats, coupled with the fact that this is our opponents first ever super regional appearance, this series is going to be very intense. If we win, it will make the victory that much sweeter and if the unthinkable occurs, it will be that much more painful.

So would you rather be playing NC State? We were 2-1 vs NC State and 1-1 vs this weekends opponent. I have heard arguments for both but I am on the side of playing State. I don’t like anything about playing the blue team. NO, I am not scared of a team that went 11-13 on the road. I am not scared of any team coming into Jim Patterson stadium, where the Cards were 32-4 this season. I just don’t like giving them the opportunity of playing spoiler to what could be the most special season ever at Louisville.

Game 1: Friday, June 9 – Noon (ESPN2)
Game 2: Saturday, June 10 – Noon (ESPN)
Game 3: Sunday, June 11 – Noon (ESPN or ESPN2) ** if necessary**


As Always, GO CARDS!


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