Men’s Basketball Practice Report: 6-16-17

Despite the end result, yesterday was one of the darkest days in Louisville Basketball history. We are all mad at the situation, the tarnish on our reputation & a man named McGee. There is nothing I can do to change that So I decided to record a podcast with @LJthaFiasc0 & @GeneralWasp & let go. (You can find that podcast pinned to the profile at @CardSportsZone)

I was feeling down so I reached out to some of my guys yesterday to lift these spirits. I got everything from I’m sick to They can’t take our DVR’s away! Yes, I’m serious. One of my friends, who will remain unidentified, gave me an update on how practice has looked the past few weeks. He wanted me to share it with you to cheer you up from yesterday’s events. CardNation, everything will be ok. I hope you enjoy.

Go Cards


– Q looked good. Was solid, usual self. Looks like he’s really been focusing on speed and agility and it’s showing. But everything else with his game was usual Q. Smart, good shooting, floor general.


– VJ and Deng are really impressive! Those guys are both extremely long and athletic. Good shooting and can get to the bucket! VJ looks like different guy and Deng on a mission.


– Brian Bowen solid. Still playing a step slow because he just got here and trying to learn his teammates, the system, etc. But you can see his raw skills and had some really nice shots and moves in practice. Will be very good.


– Malik and Darius will contribute. Both good players, just have to get stronger and work on some bad habits they have.


– Ray and Anas were both pretty good. Ray sounds more aggressive and bigger. But really need both to keep improving. Ray seems more improved than Anas so far. Hitting some short jumpers.


– Ryan hit some shots and doesn’t lack confidence. Kid is a gunner.


– Jordan can shoot and is a pretty big body. Legit 6’7. Sutton is a bull dog and I think he can really play here. Guy I spoke to was excited about him.


They had individual instruction on Tuesday and a full team practice yesterday (Wednesday).

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  1. “The sun’ll come up tomorrow”. The sun always comes up for Card Nation!
    This year’s guys will work harder; for Coach, for the fans-but mostly for each other.
    They are brothers. I don’t worry about Louisville.

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