Russ Smith Writes, We Read, We Learn.


Russ Smith never disappoints. NEVER! When Russ Smith writes, we read and we usually laugh, but we always learn. We learn more about what a great person he is. He is a friend of the site & furthermore & friend of the city’s.

Well, Russ has written a new blog entry from his blog ,” Extreme measures and what I can share to the world and my peers.” This entry is entitled ” Extreme Measures.”

Here is a quote from his blog, You can read the full blog entry by clicking on his Tweet below. It’s worth your time.

“In my field of work, my experience has been rough to say the least. Money never defined me but it has been subconscious motivation. Starting in college, I lived the college life to the max. The wildest part was the 85%-90% of my nights and evenings ended in the gym considering I never thought I would play. I somehow found my way back there. Pushing cars, running with sandbags, 500 to 1000 shots and makes including weights daily was common. What was sick was that in my head I knew for sure I was never going to play. What was sick was that I knew for sure I would never be an All American. What was sick was that I knew for sure I would never play in the NBA.”

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  1. And yet U graced the world with your perseverance. Thx. The city of Louisville ❤’s U !!! L1C4 #48yrsold#UofLKentSchool#never2late

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