Open Thoughts: Practice #1 Takeaways

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The other day I went to practice with Jeremy, Jeff Nunn, & our good friend BeastMode. We notice some things about this years team we would like to share to the fans after getting to know the team after this first glimpse. Here is what we thought about this years team.

Jeff Nunn: 


1) Fun – this team looks like they are upbeat and having fun. They look like they enjoy being together – more like brothers rather than teammates.

2) Receivers – Every time you watch a play you see a different receiver make a catch. There are really so many quality receivers on this team.

3) Reggie – Reggie Bonnafon looks ready for a big year. Physically he looks stronger and he was grinding out every drill and play with just a little different edge than most others. He was dialed in. Looking forward to watching him this year.


@Beast502Mode on Twitter

The first thing that wowed me was the size of the team…EVERYWHERE on the field… the conditioning of these kids now a days is unreal…shows the work and dedication they put into it… Second was watching the WR… not only quickness and smooth cuts… but the hands to go with it… Samuels has a deadly cut when full speed…he’ll be able to get open at will cuz the defender will have broken ankles if they try to keep up. Third…the secondary!!! Just saw they took on the name “TaxBoys” (via Jody Demling tweet) says “they will take your money” and I believe it…. not only do we have one of the best DBs coming back (Alexander) but him and Russ Yeast is an absolute BEAST of a combo…not to mention Washington picking off the Heisman on the very first play…. goin to be a fun year! No doubt!



There were many expectations that I had going into this practice, but these are the three main things that stood out to me.

First, to know surprise was the offensive line. Everybody had talked about how the offensive line would play an important role in the season and after seeing them first hand, I have no doubt that this offensive line will be better than the previous year. The remind me of a younger version of the 2006 Orange Bowl often offensive line. They are big, strong, and well organized when playing on the field. I am glad Bobby brought back Coach Summers to coach this young group to their fullest potential.

Secondly, the way Coach Sirmon communicated with his defense. The players seemed upbeat and happy. They knew all of the new defensive schemes before they happened. Coach Sirmon isn’t like Coach Grantham in that his demeanor is more focused on the next play and how to improve. Seeing the defensive lines’ faces, they were eager and had a sense of enthusiasm that seemed not as present in last year’s defensive line.

Lastly, Bobby’s 1.0 offense is BACK. Lamar was taking snaps under center and there was a lot of old traits from the offensive line from Bobby’s previous tenure. There are a lot of multiple tight end sets as well as I formation plays that Lamar was exciting with perfection. Just imagine Cards fans this year if Lamar can run the offense as good as Stefan Lefors did. We are in for a real treat this year. These are just a few reactions and opinions from the first day of practice.

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