Louisville Football Freshman Summer Progression

Photo by: Michelle Hutchins | Louisville Athletics

The Freshman class for the University of Louisville Football team is on campus and have been working hard. This class was full of big time players that we could not wait to see perform. Here is an update from Mr L (requested to be anonymous)


Josh Johnson impressive at WR, big play maker and they think they won’t redshirt him and that he can contribute in return game and at WR.

Mekhi Becton definitely going to play on the OLine from all accounts. Kid is enormous and strong!! Really good player and has a very good chance to even start.

Cole Bentley right there with Becton…will definitely play and could maybe even start. I’d say Becton a little ahead of Cole, but they’ll play this year and plan is not to redshirt them.

Russ Yeast is a beast. In the mold of Jaire. Think he will play this year at corner in the nickel or dime and can also help returning. The kid is going to be a dynamite corner for us in years to come.

Mitch Hall is going to be the starting long snapper. There’s a reason the kid was an all American at it in high school. Consistent and very good.

CJ Avery has a chance to get big minutes playing the “star” position which is a kind of hybrid between safety and linebacker. Kid is fast, athletic, but can bring the boom on hits. All kinds of potential and can play special teams too. Think he plays this year.

Dorian Etheridge is picking things up fast and is a big body at LB. I think he can play well against the run and will contribute for the team this year on D and special teams. A real leader for as young as he is.

Kemari Averett is a massive young tight end with good speed and good hands. The guy is 6’7 and already strong enough to help with blocking. The coaches love his ability and potential and I think he will see some playing time this year as well behind Standberry.

I know there’s a lot of talk about Colin Wilson but he has a long way to go and it sounds like the three senior RBs are doing well and the staff like them. He very well may play, especially later in the year if there are any injuries, but I think the staff would love to redshirt him.

Wouldn’t be 100% shocked to see Kam Jones or Malik Clark work his way into some PT as well. The DLine is a little short on numbers this year, and those are guys that can rush the passer and help if needed or any injuries. The hope would be the RS them, but they’re “waiting in the wings”

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