Gracie’s Journey Benefit THIS Saturday Night


We normally just stick to sports here at, (At least that’s what you all tell us to do) but today is different. I want to promote an event this Saturday night that touches my soul. Gracie is a 5 year old little girl who is in desperate need of a wheelchair. She was born with not 1 but 2 two rare genetic conditions, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and Congenital Myopathy. Her mom Kristy Hardison along with CSZ site friend Brandon Ables, who’s fighting in the main event, have put together this great event to help Gracie get the wheelchair that she needs. At this event 93.9 The Ville’s Steve Rummage will be the guest ring announcer and I will be involved somehow too, hopefully to hit someone with a chair. There will be a lot of pro-wrestling memorabilia up for raffle as well as lunch with the hardcore legend, Mick Foley! Come out and watch two wrestling fanatics in me & Steve be involved in our very first event!


There has been a gofundme account set up for Gracie, give here!

Back to the important person in this equation, Gracie. I asked Gracies mom to break down what is going on with Gracie for you since I knew I couldn’t do it justice and here is what Kristy had to say.


JW: Tell everyone who doesn’t know Gracie about her and where they can follow her on her journey

Kristy: Oh absolutely. She has a Facebook page I have been posting on for years now so please feel free to check that out @GraciesJourney2012. Grace has two rare genetic conditions, Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and Congenital Myopathy. The EDS means that she lacks collagen between her joints and this causes frequent pain, sublaxation and can cause easy dislocations. Congenital Myopathy means she was born with low muscle tone.


JW: What is the actual diagnosis or treatment for these

Kristy: For Grace there is no time-table of when things will progress or how but we continue to follow up with her specialist for extended care. We will be visiting Vanderbilt Childrens in November to see a genetic specialist who specializes in EDS.


JW: I see, How did Brandon Ables get involved?

Kristy: Brandon and I work together. He has come to know Grace through the office in which he has treated her for allergy and sinus problems and he hears many of my calls out and from many of her medical specialist. He asked me if he could help and I agreed. I felt like if nothing more came from this it would at least raise awareness for those who suffer from Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Many who suffer from this rare genetic disorder, suffer differently.


JW: That is awesome of him to help and shows the kind of parent you are to get out and raise awareness as well. Thank you for your time Kristy!

Kristy: Thank you for all of your help as well


If you have any questions about the event or anything contact myself, Brandon Ables (@BigTicketables) or Kristy Hardison (@Shearkris) or even go to Facebook where we all 3 have profiles & you can also find Gracies Journey as well. On this weeks @RingsidePodcast, myself, @DanielSpencer & @Kruegermania talked to Brandon about this event. Click on it below and give it a listen. Thank you all for your time!

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