The Barbour Shop: Top 10 Things to Do and See While Visiting Indy

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For today’s entry of The Barbour Shop, I’m going to give you all a list of Top 10 things to do and see while in Indy. However, the list comes with a puntastic UofL twist. Obviously time and dollars dictate you probably won’t be able to visit every place, but you can always pick which one or ones you want to visit. Let’s get started.

10) Hinkle Fieldhouse:
Yeah, it’s not basketball season yet, but Hinkle’s history makes it worth a visit. UofL is the unofficial owner of Hinkle as they have won their last 3 meetings with Butler there.

9) Giordanos Pizza:
Technically, its a little bit of Chicago in Indy. However, you need to pick a piece of the best pizza around like Jaire Alexander picks passes. Unlike Jaire, you won’t be able to pick 6 with this pizza. 2 pieces will do ya.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Giordano’s is way too low on this list IMO

8) Indianapolis Motor Speedway Museum:
The only place in Indianapolis you will find anything speedier and with more traction than Lamar “Action” Jackson and Reggie Bonnafon. Although, I’m not entirely sure it’s a fact anything there is actually speedier than these two.

7) Victory Field:
Listen, I think Louisville Slugger Field is way better. However, what better place to tour on a Sunday after a UofL victory than Victory Field? In a year or two, former UofL great Brendan McKay will play on that field and UofL will own another team from Indiana when he’s done.

6) Monument Circle:
Go check out these sentinels of bronze and stone. May be pick out a nice spot for Lamar’s statue because after he does mesmerizing things no other human can do in Lucas Oil Stadium, the city will want to honor him. It’s also important to note UofL has a living, breathing monument of a man on their team and his name is Mekhi Becton.

5) Indianapolis Zoo:
Visit the zoo to see the only natural beings scarier than James Hearns, Drew Bailey, De’Asian Richardson, and Trevon Young. Actually, who am I kidding? There’s nothing in that zoo that is scarier. The animals tremble in fear at the sight of our fearsome foursome.

4) Bar, Club, and Pub Tour:
Like Jaylen Smith, Seth Dawkins, and the rest of the Breadwinners have a ball on the field, you can have a ball off of it. Hit up the town, paint it red and black, throw up a few Ls, and show Indy that the Ville knows how to live it up.

3) Crown Hill Cemetery:
It isn’t Cave Hill Cemetery, but it’s beautiful. I hear there is a plot for all the opinions of UofL’s haters with a very beautiful tombstone and an epitaph that reads: “Haters gonna hate, but UofL is great. You don’t want these Cards!” I also hear all of the opponents Chucky Williams and Stacy Thomas have taken the souls of over the years are buried here.

2) Indianapolis Children’s Museum:
Plenty of fun exhibits for kids and adults alike. Check out the National Geographic: Treasures of the Earth exhibit. Rumor has it they have a copy of Bobby Petrino’s playbook encased in bulletproof glass and on display.

1) NCAA Headquarters and Hall of Champions:
Make your best signs and go protest the dummies that run the NCAA. One of the signs should be Lamar Jackson doing a Heisman pose and reading, “Make the playoff 8, so the nation can see the greatest 8.” Also, check out the Hall of Champions where I’m betting you will see things related to the 2013 National Title. Take a picture of it, go print it out, and mail it to the NCAA with a letter saying, “Just because you say it didn’t happen, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Free the Banner!”

See? Plenty of things to do in Indy if you go up Friday or are there on Sunday. Obviously, Saturday is all about tailgating and football. Hope you enjoyed your not so typical Top 10 list from me, Mr. Puntastic.

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