CSZ Fam Picks UofL Football Breakout Stars


So we took a poll within ourselves, on who each member of the Cardinal Sports Zone family believes will be the big breakout star this year. This is both offensively and defensively.

Jeremy Wahman: Tie between Dez & Micky on Offense & I’m going with FamFam on Defense.

Shawn Barbour: Treveon Samuel on offense. He’s fast, he’s agile, and I think Bobby wants to get him the ball more in space. London Iakopo. He’s fast for a LB, but extremely physical. I think he could have a big impact if he stays healthy.

Mitch Motley: Seth Dawkins and London Iakopo

Katie Goben: Lamar Jackson because apparently winning the Heisman isn’t good enough to get some respect around here!

Jeff Nunn: Reggie Bonnafon and Trevon Young

Paige Sherrard: Dez Fitzpatrick because she *vaguely* remembers him having an awesome spring game and London on defense because has a cool name, it’s fun to say. Obviously, that alone should make him POY worthy.

Terrance Sullivan: Entire O-line and Jaire

Justin Krueger: Offense: Seth Dawkins. Has the height and athleticism to be a big-time wideout. If he gets his ball skills improved this year, probably looking at U of L’s first 1,000 yard receiver since ’07. Defense: Dorian Etheridge. He is a smart, hard-working player that excels in read and react situations. Louisville needs a solid run stopper at MLB, could be him.

The Higgy: If I had to pick one for offense Jeremy Smith. Defensive I say Jonathan Greenard

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