Will The NCAA Take Titles Away From Louisville Or UNC?

Photo: LockerDome.com

CBSSports.com posted a very interesting and candid article where 3 CBS Sports college basketball writers spent all of July talking to and polling everyone from head coaches at elite programs to assistants at some of the smallest schools in Division I. Their honest responses were given with the promise of complete anonymity.

One coach said, “If they’re going to vacate anyone’s title they’ll do Louisville as opposed to North Carolina. It’s like the black hat. Between Rick Pitino and Roy Williams, Rick Pitino is the guy who’d operate in the gray. He’s the bad guy. And Roy Williams is the good ol’ boy.”

Another coach said, “No, they will not vacate Louisville’s title, as they are scared of Pitino.”

As you can see, there are a wide range of opinion and responses. Check out the full article, complete with poll results, in the Tweet below.

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