CardFam Get Together Returns!

This Saturday at noon our Louisville Football Cardinals take on UNC in Chapel Hill. Things at CSZ have gotten hectic but we haven’t forgotten about you the fans! Without you we would not be around. We thank you for that.

At the beginning of CSZ we had a thing called the CardFam Get Together. It’s where I met great people like Doug Budd (My eventual realtor), TBG, The Ottiviano’s, Marissa, BeastMode, Turtle, Sam, Rebecca & even our newest writer Shawn Barbour. I didn’t mean to leave anybody out & I have had great times with all of you. Even going to the watch parties we did where i met LJ, JK, Matt, Nunn, Uber Andre, Kim C, Shannon, Emily,Vicky, Jess, Justin, Steph & a host of others for the first time at those functions. We love CardNation at CSZ.

Guess what? It returns Saturday. It is not a watch party. It is not a mandatory event. If you need somewhere to watch the game Saturday, join us at Diorios located at 310 Wallace Ave, Louisville, KY 40207 as early as 1130. We hope to do more out these in the future. Thx so much & Go Cards!



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