Lamar Could Be The Best Ever

Lamar Jackson

Everyone has their opinions of who the greatest quarterback in the history of the University of Louisville is, but there can definitely be a case made for Lamar Jackson. In fact, I am willing to say that he could be the greatest college football player that I have seen in my lifetime. I say could be because he still has 11 more games this season and possibly another whole year.

When it comes to Louisville quarterbacks, there will probably never be another QB as beloved as Teddy Bridgewater. But being loved and being the best are not exactly the same. I am old enough to have watched Browning Nagle, Jeff Brohm, Stephan LeFors, Chris Redman, Dave RagoneBrian Brohm and Teddy Bridgewater… And I have no problem in saying that Lamar is the best. 

In my opinion, Tim Tebow was the greatest college football player that I have ever seen. I say he ” was” because now I believe that Lamar has taken over that spot. Tebow had the ability to singe-handedly take over a game and Lamar has that same ability, which is so very impressive in the sport of football. Could Lamar end up being the greatest of all time? He could but that is all based on opinion. If Lamar were to win the Heisman trophy again, it would be hard to argue against it. Lamar has already put up regular season stats that no-one has ever accomplished before and with a second Heisman in his back pocket, he would be just the second player ever to accomplish that feat.

Lamar has played 2 games this year and has amassed 771 passing yards, 239 rushing yards and a total of 8 touchdowns. More importantly to him, his team is 2-0. After just 1 game he went from the 5th or 6th choice to win the Heisman, to the odds on favorite.

No matter what your opinion is on Lamar’s place in history, you should just sit back and enjoy watching this special talent and not worry about things like false starts or fumbles. Enjoy and appreciate the moment because it might just be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

As Always, GO CARDS!


About Jeff Nunn

Born and raised in Louisville. THS, U of L and Sig Ep for life. I appreciate everyday that I wake up. My 2 boys are my greatest accomplishment in life.

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