Nunnsense: Louisville Football Culture Change

Papa John's Cardinal Stadium


I’m going to keep it short and sweet this week because you need to start getting your cooler packed for Tailgate this Saturday.

When I was growing up, if you said Cardinal Stadium, the first thing that came to mind is “that is where Trinity and St.X  play their annual football game.” The second thing that came to mind is “that is where the Louisville Redbirds play baseball.” The third thing that came to mind is “that is where they have concerts for the state fair.” Louisville football was more of an afterthought. 

As a kid, going to that stadium, for whatever event, was fun because we got to run up and down the stairs and run from end to end near the top of the covered side.

In high school it was more of a place for social gathering. We would go to high school games and all congregate under the scoreboard.  We would talk about what girl we liked and who was dating who. It was never about the game and we rarely went there for a Louisville football game. I mean, what was the point? They were going to lose anyway. Nobody cared about UofL till basketball season.

in college, we gathered in the grass lots outside the stadium prior to football games to tailgate. Most of the time we never made it into the game. Nobody ever had tickets but on the rare occasion we wanted to go in and actually watch the game, you could walk right up to the gate and somebody would hand you a free ticket.

Well, times have changed a lot since my first game in 1983. It was a 55-10 loss to Pitt. I’ll never forget that day because I use it as a measuring stick to compare where we were to where we are now.  Now is a time where ESPN Gameday comes to town and 4 star recruits attend home games regularly. Now is a time where we enjoy football and not just basketball. Now is a time where Southern Miss is not the feature game on our home schedule. Now is a time where there is a waiting list for season tickets. Now is a time where winning 9 games is not enough. Now is a time to enjoy and appreciate the change in the culture of our beloved football program.

As Always, GO CARDS!




About Jeff Nunn

Born and raised in Louisville. THS, U of L and Sig Ep for life. I appreciate everyday that I wake up. My 2 boys are my greatest accomplishment in life.

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