Stone Cold Steve Austin Talks Louisville vs Clemson

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I have been excited all week because of Saturday. Top 5 team. At home. At night. Blacked out. Heisman Trophy winner vs National Champs. I’ve been pumped. I don’t know many who aren’t. Imagine how my excitement amplified when I found out my good buddy Kenny “THE Starmaker” Bolin landed a podcast feature on the Steve Austin show Unleashed!

You know im a huge wrestling fan & even do a podcast called Ringside Podcast with Daniel Spencer & The Notorious JK. Jokingly I asked Kenny, “Hey, you think you can ask Stone Cold about the game this weekend for CSZ?” I expected him to cuss me out & tell me to go fornicate myself, or whatever you kids say these days. In true Kenny fashion I had to promise him 2 dinners in return. I hope Kenny likes dinner at White Castle. I digress.

I owe Stone Cold more than that. 1 beer. What? 2 beers? What? 3 beers? What? A case? What? Ok we can go all night. But we won’t. Kenny graciously asks Steve about UofL Vs Clemson & Steve gives his thoughts on Lamar, Dabo’s Strategy & what Louisville has to do to win at home Saturday. Enjoy!

Another HUGE Shoutout to our guy Kenny THE StarMaker Bolin for shouting us out and asking Stone Cold some questions for us during his time on Stone Cold’s Podcast. Thanks to Stone Cold for taking his time to answer a few questions for us as well.You can find Kenny on Twitter at @StarMakerBolin & on Facebook at Kenny StarMaker Bolin. We is a WWE Hall of Fame Mentionee & made John Cena, or at least that is what he will tell you. Go Cards!


*Go to to purchase Beets By Bolin! Listen to the Brolin Alley on Podcast One. Also the author of I probably screwed you too!

**Shout to Daniel Spencer for production of the clip. You can catch Daniel, myself & Justin Krueger on the @RingsidePodcast available on iTunes, Stitches, Google Play & everywhere else podcasts are available!

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