Nunnsense: The Aftermath Of A Loss


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The game is over. We lost. Time to lick our wounds and move on. It is not time, however, to start blaming people and second guessing every decision. It’s our jobs as fans to support our team through the ups and downs. Yes, you have the right to voice your opinion and express your frustration – I get it. But is that really helping or is it just giving the optics of a program that lacks full support?

I think we all need to take a step back, take a deep breath and gain a little perspective. This game counts as one loss no matter how bad it hurts. There is no shame in losing to the #3 team in the nation. With any luck, this will be that one game a year that, for unknown reasons, the team doesn’t quite show up. We can still go 11-1 or 10-2 and possibly make the Orange bowl. 

But if the poor play continues and the season starts taking a downward spiral, then I feel everyone can complain and fire away at the coaches. Student athletes are off-limits. We need to remember that they are just kids. Coaches, on the other hand, make millions of dollars and are fair game because, quite frankly, they need to be held accountable when it’s warranted. One loss does not warrant all the negativity that I have read this week.

There are three things I have read or heard people saying this week that are bothering me. The first is ” Fire Bobby Petrino.” The second was the comparison how Todd Grantham did the second time vs LSU. The third is that a lot of people were saying this loss is worse because Kentucky won.

If your opinion is that Bobby Petrino should be fired, then that is fine because you are entitled to your opinion no matter how outrageous it is. But if you are going to make such a strong statement then you need to explain the reasoning of your opinion. Just saying he should be fired is lazy and it helps no one. If you are going to point out a problem then have a solution – If not, it just creates a divide between the fans and that creates a bigger problem. If you have a better option than Petrino, I’ll listen. I probably won’t agree but I’ll hear you out and respect your opinion.


The Todd Grantham comparisons are driving me crazy. Some of the same people who were willing buy him a one-way bus ticket out of Louisville are the same people saying ” look what he did vs LSU this week.” I say, who cares – We are not Mississippi State and he is not our defensive coordinator anymore. The bowl game loss to LSU was not solely on the defense. Also, we were not in the locker room and we don’t know all the dynamics between the coaches. Let’s also give Peter Sirmon just a little more time before we try to run him off too. I wasn’t a huge fan of the hire but I’ll support him and give him some time before I judge him. I would at least like to see what he can do with a healthy preseason All-American shutting down one side of the field. Maybe his style will change with Jaire out there and maybe they will be more aggressive. Maybe not but let’s reserve judgement until we have a bigger sample size.

The dumbest thing I heard after the loss to Clemson was ” this loss is worse because Kentucky won today.” Who cares what UK does? Just worry about us. The only time we should worry about them is when we play them. Just so you know, they will win 7 or 8 games, go to a bowl game and then sign their coach to an extension. Now you know everything about them. Just forget about them until November 25th. Let the season play out. We will be just fine.

As Always, GO CARDS!


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