CSZ Picks Louisville v. Kent State



Justin Krueger: Louisville 59-10. The next two games should serve as confidence builders for Louisville, before heading back into conference play in October.

Kent State is 118th in rushing defense, and 126th in total offense.I’d expect Lamar Jackson to again put up absurd numbers in this one, and a super productive day from Jaylen Smith. The hope is that Malik Williams gets more touches to ease the burden on Jackson in the running game, but we’ll see how it goes the next two weeks.

As for the backups, let’s see what Puma Pass has to offer.

Jeremy Wahman: Louisville 56-3. Lamar has a huge day, and the Cards get their confidence back. 300 plus yards on the ground! 2 QB’s with 150+ yards passing

Cody Higdon: Louisville 63-3. Puma comes in the second half and has a field day.

Jeff Nunn: Louisville 48-3. The debut of Jawon Pass and a monster day for Malik Williams.

Shawn Barbour: Louisville 63-6. Basing this on my belief, the team will come out hungry for this game.

Katie Goben: Louisville 38-10. We get our first look at Jawon Pass, Jaire plays in the first quarter and Dez continues to leap over people.

Mitch Motley: Louisville 72-7. Lamar has a similar performance to the one against Charlotte last year and the backups continue to score.

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