Brendan McKay Grabs Another Honor And Water Is Wet

While at Louisville, Brendan McKay won Honor after honor and broke record after record. When he fell on draft day (despite the record pay day) every person who watched him play at UofL knew he would use that as a chip on his sholder and would let nothing stand in his way. So far his Minor League career has been a good one. Bendan has an ERA of 1.84 in 6 games games started and is batting .232 with 16 hits and 4 HR’s. These accolades are good enough to not only land him in the top 20 of NYP League but is good enough to land him at #1. We wish the you the best of luck going forward and cannot wait to see you in the Majors soon! The full story on Brendan is below! Click to see the unusual schedule that Brendan has had this season and the faith the Rays have in him! Also some highlights from his Rookie year.

To qualify for a Minor League Top 20 Prospects list, a position player must have one plate appearance per team game, a starting pitcher must have one-third of an inning per team game and a reliever must have 20 relief appearances.
Here are a few Rookie year Highlights for you too!

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