Mens Basketball Practice Report From Mr. L

Once again we have a report from practice from the anonymous Mr. L. I promise you all it’s not me. As we head towards tonight’s first Red-White game of the 2017-18 season, here are some things from practice this week to look forward to.

Q – becoming more vocal and a very good leader. Playing well and is a complete floor general. Shooting very well also, and has improved his quickness and defense a bit.

Deng – Best nba prospect on the team according to a lot of folks at Pro day. Very good 2-way player on both sides and will be a game changer for the Cards. Attacking on offense!

VJ – people saying he will have a Donovan like year. I definitely think he has improved and will have a good year, but will tough to be like donovan because I think Deng will lead in scoring. But VJ is a very good shooter and is a lot tougher. Will have a great season.

Ray – a lot stronger and tougher than last year. Has developed some good post moves. Great shot blocker and rebounder that will have a good season and the nba scouts thought highly of him as well. Active!

Anas – got stronger in the off season and is really approaching this year with confidence and seriousness. Good scorer around the basket and his length really bothers people. Primed for a good senior season.

Darius – I think he has the potential to be our next big thing at guard. Really good on both sides Of the floor and will only get better with experience. Think heíll be the main guard off the bench and be a good defender on press.

Dwayne – tough!!!! The kid is the epitome of effort and toughness. Major motor and I think he will be close to leading the team in steals and rebounds per minutes played. Great asset to bring off the Bench.

Jordan – Good shooter, High Basketball IQ. Donít know if he will play major minutes in every game, but will definitely have some big moments. Very gifted for his size, 6í7 or 6í8. He will help this team.

Lance – of the scholarship Freshmen, he is the least ready to play right at this moment, but has really been improving and working on getting stronger. A lot of talent and potential, will help when needed. Will be good player.

Malik – talent overload. Has the ability to be special. Just needs to get stronger, more confident, and play with a mean streak. Has all the ability in the world to be special. Going to have to be top big man off the bench.

Ryan – the kid is a gamer. Isnít the fastest, tallest, quickest, etc. but gets it done. Lights out shooter in practice so far and will be able to help this team when needed!! Keeps getting better

Steven Enoch – canít play this year, but he is very impressive. If he could play, I think he would start or be top big man off the bench. Will be very good for us next year. No idea why he didnít flourish at UConn, very good player.

Thatís all for the scholarship players. We do have a couple young freshmen walk Ons that can be good, David Levitch or Tim Henderson types down the road in 2-3 years but right now they are learning and getting used to playing at this level. Good players that can help the program down the road. Will See the floor in blowouts or if we face any major foul trouble or injuries.

Go to the red white game tonight folks!! The team deserves the support and love.

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