UofL Football Visitor List: Boston College


University of Louisville football has a few visitors scheduled for today’s game versus Boston College. Check out the list below.

Year-Name-Position-High School-State

-Richie Hagarty-Cathedral HS-IN

2020-Kalil Branham-WR-Northland HS-OH

-Skyelar Johnson-  -Woodford Co HS-KY

-Ziggy Gill-  -Woodford Co HS-KY

-Brennon Clark-RB-Woodford Co HS-KY

2019-Jayshaun Coffman-DE-Woodford Co HS-KY

-Ben Nash-  -Woodford Co HS-KY

-Cameron Morgan-  -Lafayette HS-KY

-Henry Vestal Jr-  -Male HS-KY

-Miles Smith-  -Bowling Green HS-KY

-Sam Vitale-OL-Bowling Green HS-KY

-Garrett Dennis-  -Male HS-KY

-BJ Robinson-QB-PRP HS-KY

-Arius Harris-PRP HS-KY

-Bryson Washington-RB-PRP HS-KY

-Demetri Scott-  -Desales HS-KY

-Jordan Watkins-  -Desales HS-KY

-Mekhi Lewis-  -Desales HS-KY

-Marshon Ford-  -Ballard HS-KY

2018-Jimmy Edmonds-DE-Ballard HS-KY

2020-Alex Collett-OL-Ballard HS-KY

-Justice Thompson-  -Ballard HS-KY

-Elijah Downing-Ballard HS-KY

-Josh Minkins-  -Ballard HS-KY

-Rashad Bishop-  -Ballard HS-KY

-John Mihalyov-Ballard HS-KY

-John Judd-  -Waggener HS-KY

-Alijah Sickles-  -Waggener HS-KY

-AJ Sickles-  -Waggener HS-KY

-Brandon Jones-  -Waggener HS-KY

-Marlon Kimble-  -Waggener HS-KY

-Daylan Franklin-  -Waggener HS-KY

2019-Ramon Puryear-LB-Eastern HS-KY

2018-Nathan Eubanks-OL-Eastern HS-KY

-Maleek Kimble-  -Waggener HS-KY

-Robmonta Bryant-  -Ballard HS-KY

-Deagan Bush

2019-John Branham-RB-Northland HS-OH

-Tre Radford-  -Twinsburg HS

2019-Joey Cambron-QB-Daviess Co HS-KY

-J.Q. Fletcher-  -Daviess Co HS-KY

2019-Landen Bartleson-RB-Boyle Co HS-KY

2019-Izayah Cummings-WR-Male HS-KY

2019-Marquel Tinsley-WR-Daviess Co HS-KY

2020-Aidan Moore-DE-Louisville Central HS-KY

2018-Shae Carwile-LB-Daviess Co HS-KY

2019-Von Williams-RB-Owensboro Catholic HS-KY

2020-Dalion Young-RB-Doss HS-KY

2019-Ricky Barber-DL-Doss HS-KY

-Jalen Rayam-LB-Thompson HS-AL

-Chase Stanfield-OL-Dixie Heights HS-KY

2018-AJ McDuffie-DE-Trinity HS-KY

2019-Quion Lee-ILB-Doss HS-KY

-Trebor Bunton

2018-Frank Bentley-WR-Butler HS-KY

2018-Manny Harper-WR-Waggener HS-KY

2018-Dalton Kindt-OL-      -KY

2018-Christian Horton-  -Ballard HS-KY

2018-Pereon Allen-DL-PRP HS-KY

2018-Alec Vianello-ATH

2018-Wyatt Southall-OL-Lexington Christian HS-KY

2018-Ethan Hull-LB-Trinity HS-KY

2018-Nick Bohn-QB-Trinity HS-KY

2018-Heath Simmons-QB-Ohio Co HS-KY

2019-Aidan Robbins-RB-Manuel HS-KY

2019-J.J. Weaver-DE-Moore HS-KY

2019-Shawnkel Knight Goff- ATH-Doss HS-KY

2019-Logan Hawkins-LB-Western Hills HS-KY

2019-Wandale Robinson-WR-Western Hills HS-KY














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