A Letter From Pitino’s Nephew

Rick Pitino
Photo: USA Today

Mike Rutherford (cardchronicle.com) has allowed us to share a letter written by Rick Pitino’s nephew, Pat Vogt, that he posted on his site. The letter is a must read and an insight to what kind of person Rick Pitino really was off the court. Here is an excerpt, “Rick Pitino is the greatest man I know, and I strive to be like him every day of my life. Not because of his fame or success as a basketball coach, but because of his dedication and love to his family. He saved the lives of six young children and two grieving widows by taking them in and becoming the patriarch of the family. He has an aura about him that makes you feel comfortable, loved and safe. His attitude and demeanor is contagious. He makes you want to work hard and strive to be great.”

Read the full letter here,


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