Cardinals In The NBA: November 1st

Welcome back everybody, let us take a look at how our former Cardinals are faring in the NBA so far! (Stats are accurate through October 31st).

Gorgui Dieng (Minnesota Timberwolves)

MPG (Minutes per game): 13.6

PPG (Points per game): 5.4

APG (Assists per game): 0.9

RPG (Rebounds per game): 3.7

SPG (Steals per game): 0.3

BPG (Blocks per game): 0.1

TPG (Turnovers per game): 1.0

FG%: 51.7

3P%: 25.0

FT%: 70.0

Montrezl Harrell (Los Angeles Clippers)

MPG: 5.7

PPG: 3.0

APG: 0.7

RPG: 0.7

SPG: 0.0

BPG: 0.7

TPG: 0.3

FG%: 66.7

3P%: 0.0

FT%: 50.0

Chinanu Onuaku (Houston Rockets)

Unfortunately, Chinanu has not appeared in any game so far this season.

Terry Rozier (Boston Celtics)

MPG: 24.6

PPG: 9.4

APG: 2.3

RPG: 5.4

SPG: 1.9

BPG: 0.0

TPG: 0.4

FG%: 37.3

3P%: 34.5

FT%: 66.7

Donovan Mitchell (Utah Jazz)

MPG: 22.1

PPG: 9.3

APG: 2.4

RPG: 1.4

SPG: 1.1

BPG: 0.6

TPG: 2.3

FG%: 32.9

3P%: 28.6

FT%: 87.5

Dunks of the Century: 1

And if you don’t happen to know what I mean by that…

Well that’s it for this week folks! Come back next week!

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