Cards in the NBA: November 8th

Welcome back everyone, its time to check in on how our beloved former Cards are doing in the NBA! (stats will be accurate through November 7th)

Gorgui Dieng (Minnesota Timberwolves)

MPG (Minutes per game): 15.4

PPG (Points per game): 6.8

APG (Assists per game): 1.1

RPG (Rebounds per game): 5.0

SPG (Steals per game): 0.3

BPG (Blocks per game): 0.2

TPG (Turnovers per game): 0.8

FG%: 50.0

3P%: 25.0

FT%: 76.9

Montrezl Harrell (Los Angeles Clippers)

MPG: 7.0

PPG: 4.2

APG: 0.5

RPG: 2.5

SPG: 0.2

BPG: 0.5

TPG: 0.5

FG%: 68.8

3P%: 0.0

FT%: 50.0

Chinanu Onuaku (Houston Rockets/Rio Grande Valley Vipers (G-League) )

*Note: All games played thus far for Chinanu have been played for the Vipers

MPG: 28.9

PPG: 10.0

APG: 1.0

RPG: 8.0

SPG: 1.0

BPG: 2.5

TPG: 1.5

FG%: 64.3

3P%: 0.0

FT%: 100.0

Terry Rozier (Boston Celtics)

MPG: 23.8

PPG: 9.0

APG: 2.5

RPG: 4.9

SPG: 1.4

BPG: 0.0

TPG: 0.6

FG%: 36.6

3P%: 30.6

FT%: 76.9

Donovan Mitchell (Utah Jazz)

MPG: 25.2

PPG: 13.0

APG: 2.3

RPG: 2.4

SPG: 1.1

BPG: 0.6

TPG: 2.2

FG%: 34.4

3P%: 31.7

FT%: 86.4

That’s all for now peeps, make sure to come back next week and check back in on our Cards in the NBA. As always, GO CARDS!



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