Donovan Mitchell Gets Some Royal Praise

IMG_20171217_105723Photo Courtesy of SLC Dunk Twitter Account (@slcdunk)

Donovan Mitchell continues to impress as a rookie. Last night, Donovan led his Utah Jazz in a road battle against arguably the world’s best player Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Though his team lost 109-100, Donovan still put on a show; dropping 26 points including this exquisite dunk.

He put a Cavs defender in the spin cycle then nearly leapt out of the building.

Per, Donovan finished the game having hit 11 of his 16 shot attempts which is an impressive 68.7% from the field. He shot 3-6 from 3 point range for a cool 50% from the arc.

Donovan’s performance was so awesome it caught the eye of King James himself. According to James Hansen of SBNation and SLCDunk, “After the game Lebron congratulated Donovan and even invited him to talk in the Cavaliers locker room.”

Donovan continues to gain respect around the league from fellow players, coaches, and media. It’s great to see a young man who was so great on and off the court in Louisville prosper in the NBA.

Below is video of Donovan talking to King James and Dwayne Wade from Donovan’s Instagram account.

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