Signee Breakdown: Adonis Boone

IMG_20171220_060251Photo Courtesy of Adonis Boone’s Twitter Account (@Ajb1_)

Adonis Boone, as it stands, is the only OL in this class. That could change by the time February rolls around, but Petrino found a brute in the 6’5 285 lbs Boone.

As a run blocker, he is devastating. Watching him hit a defender is like watching a bulldozer run over a mouse. I’ve heard the term pancake block and when I watch his highlights, I see it. He sent defenders flying to the ground. There’s no doubt he has a mean streak and that is a necessity for an OL in my opinion.

As a pass blocker he has good footwork. What’s interesting about him is he doesn’t give ground as much as most linemen do in pass protection. Instead, he attacks.

I saw him get his hands on a defender numerous times and literally throw that person to the ground. When I say throw, I mean throw. He’s got a lot of upper body strength.

IMG_20171221_232310Photo Courtesy of Adonis Boone’s Twitter Account (@Ajb1_)

The attitude he has as a blocker is what I love most about Adonis Boone. He’s out to maul any and all comers. His footwork is good. I believe he will have to learn a little more technique though because he won’t always be able to overpower defenders at this level. Luckily he has a great teacher in Mike Summers.

UofL got a guy with a lot of upside. I’d guess he red shirts to learn under Summers and maybe get a little bigger, but time will tell.

Check out his Hudl highlights below and see what you think.

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