Signee Breakdown: Jared Goldwire

7954193Photo Courtesy of Andrew Ivins/ 

Miami made a late push to try to steal Jared Goldwire from UofL. Fortunately, UofL was able to get him signed. Goldwire could be a great player for UofL.

Coming out of high school, Goldwire was a DE.  After going JUCO, he has grown into an interior DT. He’s got excellent size at 6’6 300 lbs. Goldwire can overpower or use maneuver to beat offensive linemen.

In one play on his highlight tape, he used a beautiful spin move to get off a block and make a tackle. Goldwire is a run stopping specialist, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see him use his moves to get a few sacks.

He’s pretty quick for such a big guy, which is unique. His burst off the snap is very good and often leaves offensive linemen in a bad position to make a block. One play shows him bursting through the line before the offensive guard is even out of his stance.

Goldwire has a very high motor. Even if a play is designed to go away from him or he’s behind the play, he doesn’t give up on it. In his highlights, he chases down ball carriers from behind and goes all the way across the field to make a tackle.

To hold of Miami for this DT is immense for UofL. Goldwire is very, very good and will definitely make an immediate impact on the defensive line for UofL. I would expect him to be plugged into start right off the bat.

Check out his highlights below and see what you think.

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