Signee Breakdown: Hassan Hall

IMG_20171220_130841Photo Courtesy of Hassan Hall’s Twitter Account (@_sayblackboy)

Coach Petrino picked up a highly versatile player for this class in Hassan Hall. Hall was previously committed to Syracuse before Coach swept in and grabbed him. Hall played multiple positions both offensively and defensively in high school. It looks as though UofL is eyeing him as a RB.

As primarily a RB, Hall has some quickness and good speed. He’s got some power to his running style and can break tackles quite well. He’s more of a one cut, down hill runner. He’s not going to dance around much.

Hall is also a very good receiver out of the backfield and can also line up as a slot receiver from time to time. His excellent hands and quickness could make him a nightmare running the Petrino favorite wheel route.

Hall plays defense as well. He can line up as a OLB and rush the passer. Hall can also play safety and be a ball hawk in the back-end or an in the box safety that can help stop the run. Hall seems to be a great form tackler and he likes to deliver big hits.

Hassan Hall is a very versatile player. He has power and speed. He can play multiple positions including RB, OLB, and S.

It’s no wonder the Cards wanted to get this guy in the fold. Check out his highlights from Hudl below. You’ll see all the versatility he has and how valuable that will be for UofL.



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