Photo Gallery: Louisville Ladybirds 2017-18

Ladybirds- SF

The Louisville Ladybirds play a huge part in the success of the Louisville athletic program. Not only are they the catalyst for keeping the fans entertained and the energy level up at the football and basketball games, they themselves have contributed approximately 7,954 National championships (I may have rounded up). They are a team that doesn’t settle for just being good, they strive for perfection – and usually achieve it! They are also very involved in community service and making appearances throughout the city. We appreciate and respect their hard work and dedication.

In honor of the Ladybirds defending their double national championships, here are some picture we captured of them from the 2017-2018 football and basketball seasons.



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  1. These girls put so much time in the university they deserve something for their hard work and dedication they at least deserve books and meals at school please let’s make a push to get these lady’s a little something,they deserve it thanks todd

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