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Lamar Jackson at PJCS

With the NFL draft only 1 week away, the NFL mock draft sites are getting more traffic than Shelbyville road during the week before Christmas. And with the University of Louisville having several players that are likely to get drafted, us Louisville fans are contributing to that traffic. Most of us are trying to figure out where Lamar Jackson will be tormenting defenses for the next few years.

The 2018 NFL draft officially begins on Thursday, April 26, and runs through Saturday, April 28. The starting times for each day are:  Round 1, Thursday: 8 p.m. – Rounds 2-3, Friday: 7 p.m. – Rounds 4-7, Saturday: 12 p.m. It will be held at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

You can watch it live,

Thursday: NFL Network, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN Deportes
Friday: NFL Network, FOX Sports, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN Deportes
Saturday: NFL Network, ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN Deportes

The biggest question is where will Lamar go. The mock drafts are all over the place but the majority of them have him getting drafted by the Arizona Cardinals. Unless they trade up to get him, I don’t believe Lamar will be a Cardinal as a pro. Much to my dismay as a life-long Bengals fan, I believe he will be a Pittsburgh Steeler.

The Arizona Cardinals pick is at #15. The Green Bay Packers pick is #14. The Packers also have the most selections (12) in this years draft. The Packers have been making some moves that a lot of their fans are questioning. It is my opinion that they are making these moves to position themselves to make some serious transactions during the draft.

Enter the Steelers – who I believe will be trading into that #14 spot, just ahead of the Arizona Cardinals, to draft Lamar Jackson.

Why do I think the Steelers want Jackson? Well, at Louisville’s Pro Day, there were more representatives from Pittsburgh than any other team. And 1 Mike Tomlin was in attendance. Not only was he there, he was all the way out on the field getting a very close look at Lamar.Pro Day 2018-29

But Nunn, everybody is saying he is going to the Patriots. I hear that but my opinion is that it’s just a smoke screen. I don’t believe that Belichick would ever tip his hand. Do you? He’s way to deceptive and cunning to believe that he would just put his draft plans out there for other teams to try to take his guy. I’m not buying it for 1 second.

I also noticed coach Tomlin keeping a very watchful eye on Reggie Bonnafon. I also overheard Steeler representatives discussing his pro day performance. I’d say they were very impressed. They really like his versatility and athleticism. I have not seen Reggie’s name on any mock drafts and I don’t expect the Steelers to draft him but I would be willing to bet that very shortly after the draft, the Steelers will sign Reggie to a free agent contract. Call it a “hot take” if you would like but I believe that Reggie has the talents to play in the NFL. If someone gives him the chance, he will take that opportunity and succeed. I believe that 100%.

As I previously stated, I am a Bengals fan and I despise the Steelers. However, they are a great organization and it would really benefit both Lamar and Reggie if they ended up there. The chance for Lamar to learn from Ben for a year or two would be very beneficial for the longevity of his NFL career. Reggie could get opportunities to see the field and prove himself without the pressure of having to be the man.

If this happens, I can’t bring myself to cheer for the Steelers but I will always root for both of these fine young men. I am thankful for their time here at Louisville and I want nothing but the best for them both. #L1C4

Reggie Bonnafon

As Always, GO CARDS!


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