Nunnsense | Louisville Football Is A Confident Bunch

Jawon Pass - Media Day-3

I attended Louisville football media day this past Saturday. I had the privilege of getting up close and personal with most of the coaches and several of the players. What I can tell you is that these guys are very confident and could care less about what anyone thinks about them. They are just ready to get out on the field and show everyone what they can do.

As you could have probably guessed, the coaches did not say anything that would give opponents bulletin board material. Most of them just gave us “coach speak” but they also had this confidence in their tone – as if to say “we are gonna be alright.”

The new coaches didn’t want to answer any questions that compared this years defense to last. Most of them just said ” I can’t talk about last year because I wasn’t here.” They did say that their expectations were very high based on the talent that is currently on the roster. For me, that is great sign that things will improve, defensively, from last season.

The players didn’t have any problem whatsoever expressing how they felt. Every single one of them said that they can’t wait to get out on the field to show everyone “what we got.”

Nobody, besides Dez Fitzpatrick, really said anything that opposing teams could use for motivation. I’m sure you all have heard how Dez said that the Louisville receivers were better than the Alabama defensive backs.

What did you want him to say? I’m completely fine with his comments. I would not have been happy if he had said that he was worried because Bama has some great DB’s. I want my team to ride that fine line between confident and cocky. Dez may have been a little bit on one side more than in the middle but hey, when you’re good, you’re good. Dez can back up anything he says or he wouldn’t say it. I’m quite certain of that due to his family upbringing.

There are also a number of guys who will be major contributors on this team who had to sit out last season due to transfer rules. These guys have plenty of talent and are confident in their abilities – and it showed in their expressions and their tone when describing how ready they are.

None of us have seen this team on the field yet and we don’t know if this is a 6 win team or a 10 win team. The experts in Vegas think it’s closer to 6 and you can definitely tell that this team is aware of what Vegas thinks.

Funny thing is….. They don’t care. They are just ready to show you what kind of team they are. This team will be playing the underdog role most of the season and I feel they will thrive in that role. Will it always be pretty? Probably not. There will likely be many mistakes early due to the learning curve but I expect this team to grow by leaps and bounds by the end of the season.

No matter what, this team believes in themselves and after a few hours with them – I believe in them too.

As Always, GO CARDS!


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