Nunnsense | Alabama Fans Are Mad At The Louisville Confidence

Dez Fitzpatrick

It’s so close to football season and the excitement around Louisville is off the charts. You would think that opening up the season against the defending national champions would put a damper on it but contrary to what Alabama fans think, Louisville is confident and excited at the opportunity.

Here in Louisville, we are having fun with this opportunity on social media and some Alabama fans are not happy. I’m not saying all Alabama fans are mad or even bothered by us Louisville fans having fun and having confidence, but many on social media are, and it appears by their responses to Louisville fans that they have never played a team that has the audacity to believe they can beat Alabama. It seems like Alabama fans are saying ” How dare you think you have a chance to beat us?” They act like it’s an impossible task.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s going to take a perfect game to beat the defending champs but it’s not impossible. Can it happen? Sure it can. Will it? Not likely but I want my team to believe that they can and this Louisville team believes. If you don’t believe then you have no chance.

So why are they so mad? Great question.

It may have started on media day when Dez Fitzpatrick said all of the Louisville receivers were better than the Alabama DB’s. Alabama fans lost their minds saying Dez was trash talking. It’s not like he said their DB’s were hot garbage, he just has confidence in his, and his teammates abilities. I was completely fine with his comments. Alabama fans were offended.

At the annual Louisville football kick-off luncheon, coach Petrino said, “We’e going to beat them.” This wasn’t a guarantee but rather a vote of confidence to his team. After those comments, you would’ve thought coach had stolen the tires off of every pick up truck in Tuscaloosa while wearing an Auburn hoodie. The Alabama fans were mad online.

I understand taking the comments of players and coaches as a little offensive but letting local radio hosts, writers, bloggers and everyday fans get to you – then you are taking the game a bit too seriously.

Several Louisville fans and local media posted on social media the fact that Alabama hasn’t beaten Louisville in 41 years and Alabama fans were mad. They got even more upset when they read that in the last meeting of the two schools, Louisville won 34-7. Both are facts so I don’t know why they are so mad.

You really want to get them mad? After they remind you that you are doomed without Lamar Jackson, simply remind them that our starting QB picked Louisville over Alabama and Auburn – Then just wait for the Yo Mama jokes.

Judging by Alabama online fans, you would never know they are a 24 point favorite over Louisville. I believe all of this Louisville confidence is starting to make the Alabama fans a little uneasy.

Personally, I love all the confidence but realistically, I know what the probable outcome will be. But until the outcome is decided, I say all of the Louisville fans should keep posting the facts.

It’s a good thing that Alabama is good at football because their online fans are not good at competitive banter. They need to loosen up, have some fun and realize football is just a game.

Just remember, regardless of what the fans think or say, the teams are not affected by us.

As Always, GO CARDS!



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