Louisville vs Alabama: My Experience


This game had been circled on many Card fans’ calendars for months, including mine. I made the trip down to Orlando with my girlfriend so she could experience this amazing opportunity and have a small vacation. This experience was a once in lifetime opportunity that I couldn’t miss because it is not everyday you face a team like Alabama in your season opener. I know I always told my dad if we planned to play Alabama, no matter where it was, I was going to go and watch the game.

My week in Orlando was nothing short of spectacular and I couldn’t let a drunk Alabama fan stop that from happening. I did a lot of amazing things this past week between getting interviewed by John Ramsey and Michael Rutherford to getting to watch my Cards play. During my interview, I discussed my prediction of the game and who would be a key player in the game. I also got to witness Gary “Redbird” Budd take on John Ramsey and another competitor in beer chugging contest. To no surprise, John Ramsey won.

The tailgating experience was quite interesting when it came to Alabama fans. They had vehicles that were decked out for some serious tailgating such as an ambulance that was nicknamed “Abamalance” that was decked in crimson pride. As I walked through the various tailgaters, every so often, you would hear Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Sweet Home Alabama song that would instantly get everyone signing. They were great people when it came to meeting new fans.

When it came to game experience I wasn’t very impressed with some of their fans. Alabama fans were loud and crazy, like Louisville fans as they cheer their hearts out for their team. i had the pleasure of sitting in front of a fan that took it to a whole new level. Every 5-10 seconds he was yelling at the top of his lungs “Roll Tide Roll!” or “These Cardinals aren’t flying tonight.” He even booed the band. I mean, come on, the band? I could tell he had a little too much and needed to be cut off. The other Alabama fans kept encouraging him to keep saying his two favorite sayings. Alabama has been voted as one of the top craziest fan bases in the country and trust me, I can see where they were right.

I will never forget this experience of getting see my Cardinals face the Crimson Tide. This was an opportunity that I hope to tell my kids and my grand kids of the day we played a tough Alabama team.

Here is a few pictures:

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