Jaelyn Withers Has A Familiar Connection To The Cards

Photo Courtesy of Team Loaded NC Twitter Account (@teamloadednc)

CSZ learned of a connection between UofL Basketball’s newest pledge Jaelyn Withers and a former football player that many fans know very, very well.

This former player was a first round pick in the 2018 NFL Draft and made his debut for the Green Bay Packers on Sunday Night Football last night.

Jaire Alexander
Photo Courtesy of 12UP

That’s right, Jaelyn Withers is kin to UofL great Jaire Alexander. They are 3rd cousins to be exact. Jaire’s father Landis Alexander informed CSZ of this fact this morning.

“He can play all positions. He has played them all in high school. He is silky smooth and can shoot the rock well plus he rebounds and plays great D” Landis Alexander tells us.

Cardinal roots now run deep in the Alexander-Withers clan. The family obviously has produced two highly talented athletes in two different sports and both are now Cards. Jaelyn is every bit the amazing athlete his cousin Jaire is; although he’s a smidge taller.

It’s more than likely that Jaelyn will have the same impact on the basketball team as Jaire did on the football team. Withers and Alexander have swagger to their game and they both have unique tools they utilize in their respective sports; Jaelyn, at 6’8, can shoot, pass, and drive like a 6’2 guard while Jaire, at 5’10, can make unbelievable plays on the ball and body big receivers like a 6’2 CB.

They’re not identical cousins (sorry Patty Duke, but that’s genetically impossible), but they are exceptional athletes nonetheless.

Jaire Alexander

Jaire is arguably an All-Time UofL Football great. He made amazing plays like his punt return TD against Florida State or his 2 interceptions of Deshaun Watson at Clemson. One day, Jaire’s number 10 will likely be honored by UofL for his play on the field.

Photo Courtesy of Team Loaded NC Twitter Account (@teamloadednc)

Jaelyn now has a chance to carve out a Cardinal legacy of his own. He has a chance to cement a budding family legacy at UofL with his play on the court for however many years he is here. A significant contribution has already been made with his commitment to UofL; becoming the second player of the 2019 class for Chris Mack in his first full recruiting cycle. If he plays on the court as well as his cousin did on the field, UofL Basketball fans will be rejoicing…and I think he will be able to do this.


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