Nunnsense | Louisville Will Beat Florida State

Louisville vs Indiana State (9 of 68)

Louisville will beat Florida State on Saturday. You know how I know this? There are several reasons but mainly because they have to.

On Saturday, Louisville football faces a critical battle that could very well be the tipping point to this season. A win could launch the team back on track to a 8 or 9 win season. A loss could cause the season to spiral out of control to a 3 or 4 win season.

Louisville will win and here is why…

  • Louisville is in desperation mode. FSU is in a similar situation but they have been there since last year and show no signs about caring if they get back to winning national titles. Louisville is the hungrier team.


  • Sep 17, 2016 – many FSU players on this current team remember that game and how embarrassed they felt. When they walk into an even bigger and better Cardinal stadium, those feelings and emotions of being curb stomped on national television will reemerge. Defeat will be in the air for them to sense and a feeling of hopelessness will overcome them.


  • Just over 50,000 Louisville fans will be creating an atmosphere that makes it tough for visiting teams. Yes, I believe the fans will help carry Louisville to victory. Like this team, the fans are in desperation mode also. This game is their one last chance at having a good season. The fans want it as much as the team. They feed off of each other. It should be fun.


  • Las Vegas has some very wise people. I Don’t know how they know but they always know. The wise guys in Vegas are saying that not only will Louisville cover the 6 point underdog spread but they will win outright. I’m going with the wise guys. Seems legit to me!


  • If you watched any of FSU vs Syracuse, you saw the ends of the FSU offensive line get beat over and over again. I’m saying Louisville’s defense could have their best showing of the year. I know that’s not saying a lot but you gotta get better every week. Mike Boykin could have a coming out party and Jon Greenard will be drooling on the sideline wishing he was out there.


  • The return of Dorian Etheridge should provide the defense with the leadership it so desperately needs. His return should produce a much better product on the field an hopefully keep FSU off the scoreboard.


  • FSU has a very good run defense. Rushing yards will again be tough to come by. Louisville will be forced to throw the ball more. I think Jawon finally gets in rhythm and he realizes that Dez will catch almost anything thrown in his direction. Look for Dez to have 8 receptions for 112 yards and a touchdown.


  • It will be a low scoring game and Louisville wins 24-21.

As Always, GO CARDS!

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