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I do predictions at the beginning of every year. As much as I try to keep my heart out of it, sometimes it gets in the way and I predict they are just a little better than what I really believe. This year was really tough. I believed Louisville was somewhere between a 6 win team and a 10 win team.

Well, this year I don’t think anybody, even UK fans, thought it would be this bad.

I think the worst preseason prediction that I saw was 5 wins. At the time, I though that was completely absurd. Now I’m just hoping for 5 wins.

We all know the state of Louisville football. So where do they go from here?

First thing is first – they gotta lace up their cleats and get to work. Avoid the outside distractions and focus on football. A victory over Wake Forest seems likely and could be just enough to give this team some positivity that they so desperately need. Any hope of salvaging this season starts on Saturday. They can’t look ahead, they need to just focus one getting that first ACC victory. Get that then get back to work. From there, whatever happens, happens, but they can rest knowing they gave their best effort. That’s all you can ask of the team at this point.

As far as the coaching staff goes, who knows what or when anything will happen. There could be a change of the head coach. There could be a few staff changes or there could be no changes at all – Nobody really knows. I have said numerous times that I believe Bobby will still be the head coach next season but I have changed my opinion on that subject. I no loner believe he will be the Louisville head football coach when Louisville opens the 2019 season against Notre Dame inside Cardinal Stadium. No, I don’t know who it will be and neither does anybody who says they have a “source.” Everyone says they know a guy and that guy said Jeff Brohm is coming home. I say, IF Bobby is gone, I would welcome Jeff home but don’t be surprised if he ends up at Auburn or Ohio State.

For now though, the players don’t need to be worrying about their coach. They deserve to know what is really going on. This is a young team that is experiencing growing pains and the last thing they need is another distraction.

Louisville vs FSU (21 of 64)

From this point forward, I would love to see some of the young guys get more action. A few of them won’t play anymore to protect their red-shirt status but others are already over the limit. 69% of the roster are freshman or sophomores. I would love to see the speedy Hassan Hall consistently get more carries. He seems to be the only back that is fast enough to get to the edge and gain positive yardage. Don’t forget that Jawon Pass is a redshirt sophomore and this is his first season as a starter. He needs reps to help him get better and grow as a quarterback. Leave him in the game and let him work through his issues. He gives Louisville the best chance to win.

Louisville just needs to worry about trying to get better. I know Bobby has said that at every single press conference this year but now he is completely right.

Let the players play, let the fans keep cheering and let the AD take care of the coaching staff. If everybody does their part then Louisville could be right back to having an 8 or 9 win season as soon as next year. As a fan, I say, cheer for this team and trust in Vince. The ship is being guided buy the right guy. The future is bright but it might get worse before it gets better. Hang in there Card family.

As Always, GO CARDS!


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