Nunnsense |What To Expect At Cardinal Stadium On Saturday After Culture Change

Robbie Bell - offensive line

As everyone is well aware, there have been some changes in the coaching staff for the Louisville football team. It seemed to be a certainty that there would be changes after the season, but with low morale, declining attendance numbers, expected transfers, decommits, lack of effort and other factors, Vince Tyra had to pull the trigger with 2 games remaining on the schedule. A bold, and much needed move, to help change the culture of this program.

With a change in culture and attitude of the team, I’m hearing fans talking about winning the last 2 games. I hope, more than anything, that they can win both but let’s be realistic about that possibility.

While I don’t expect for the Cards to pull of victories, I do expect to see a change in effort, attitude, passion and execution. This coaching staff change has brought excitement and energy back to the team, who is currently 2-8. What it can’t possibly bring, in one short week, is a change in technique or scheme. It takes a long time to implement a style of play and I don’t think that is going to change enough to all of the sudden become a top 25 team. Although, coach Ward did say they were going to simplify a few things – so maybe we see an improvement.

I have talked to several players this week and all of them have said that morale is up, they are excited for this game and that everyone seems happier. There have also been several social media posts that support this change in attitude.

It’s also been said on social media many times but I want to say it again…. Vince did what the fans wanted, now it’s time for the fans to do what the players want – support them. Pack Cardinal Stadium on Saturday.

Pack the stadium but do so with tempered expectations. Expect to see more effort and better quality of football but don’t expect a victory. Hope and cheer for one but don’t expect it. Las Vegas has Louisville as a 16 point underdog. I predict a 41-28 victory for N.C. State. While that may not seem fun, let me remind you of the last 3 games. Louisville lost all three with final scores of 54-23, 77-16 and 56-35. In this game I just want to see them competitive. At this point of the season, a win doesn’t matter. I just want to see the team compete and play with passion. The outcome holds no bearing on the future but effort could be a huge step in the right direction for the future.

Get out and support the Cards and make a showing so the new coach can see what type of fans we really are. Also, the seniors have 2 games left in their college career. They have been through a lot the last few years so let’s send them out on a fun note.

Come on Card fans, get out and have fun cheering on your team. We’ll see what happens and then adjust our expectations for the last game after we see this game on Saturday.

As Always, GO CARDS!


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