Video: UofL Football Call Out Drill

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UofL Football, after dismissing Bobby Petrino and naming Lorenzo Ward as interim coach, opened a portion of their practice to media on Tuesday.

CBS Sports taped one drill called the “call out drill.” In the drill, certain players are called out by name. It appears it is one player is from the offensive side of the ball and one from the defensive side. They are lined up in front of one another. Their stances appear to differ depending on the positions each player plays. For instance, Mekhi Becton is in a 3 point stance against his defender while Devante Peete is in a WR stance against a player who appears to be the returning Russ Yeast based on his jersey number. They then lock up and try to drive each other backwards or into the ground.

The drill appears to be designed to instill both individual and unit toughness, individual and unit pride, and team toughness and pride. It also appears to give the players a chance to have a little fun trash talking one another. Although, you can clearly hear a coach telling players not to taunt.

We have no idea what was happening in practices run by former coach Petrino, but it’s clear a culture change was needed. Though it’s highly unlikely anyone from this skeleton staff will remain after season’s end, the culture change has already begun under their stewardship. That is enough in and of itself to deserve the thanks of the fans.

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