Photo Gallery: Louisville vs Kentucky


Well, Mercifully, this season is over. No reason to try and place blame on coaches, players, fans, administration or even Kragthorpe. It’s hard to hear or accept it but Louisville has hit rock bottom. No need to hang your heads and complain because things are about to get a lot better. We, as fans, have endured the worst of it. Just keep on cheering and supporting the team you love knowing that all the reasons for the bad culture around the University are gone and are being replaced with some great people. Louisville will rebuild the right way and shed the “win at all costs” mentality. I have faith.

Here are some photos of the season finale…


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  1. Ok so I’m going thru all the pics and I see a shot of the new seats in cardinal stadium and my mind just starts going and I come up with this conclusion. First of all what is the point designing those seats with a Adidas logo only viewable with the seats empty?? Second why are we letting Adidas take over prime cardinal advertising real estate? If any logo should be inserted like this Adidas logo, it should be a cardinal logo. That brings me back to the point , we have this huge logo that is only visible while the seats are empty and it isnt even a cardinals logo lololololol.

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