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David Padgett told Eric Crawford of WDRB that he will be working for ESPN as a color analyst. His first game will be January 6th for the Rhode Island vs Saint Louis game. Louisville is already the number 1 college basketball television market and with a city fan favorite on the call, it definitely won’t hurt ratings – Nice move ESPN.

I feel pretty certain that I speak for every UofL fan when I say that we are happy for David to get this opportunity. David stepped in and took over the Louisville basketball program when he knew the odds were against him. He handled every single situation with class and respect.

I have not spoken to David personally about this but from what I understand, he wants to continue coaching. While this isn’t a coaching job, my hope is that it stirs up some new interest and hopefully lands him a job. He deserves it and I’m rooting for him.

David Padgett-UVA


Scott Satterfield doesn’t even have a full staff assembled and people are freaking out that Louisville only signed 4 guys on the early signing day and every other ACC school signed at least 11. This kinda frustrates me. People need to calm down and be patient.

It didn’t really matter who took over as coach when it pertains to recruiting because Louisville was going to have a small class regardless. There are varying reports on the number of players that can be added this year but I believe it’s between 11 and 15. I think that number fluctuates depending on transfers but regardless, this is going to be a small signing class which in return will earn a lower recruiting ranking. So don’t put too much stock into the rankings this year. Just trust the process and that coach Satt will get the guys he needs to get this program headed in the right direction.

Satterfield said, “I think we all know the short period of time that we had to put together these four student-athletes, so not very long. But I do believe these four right here are exactly what we’re looking for, character-wise, academically, football player-wise.”

He also said, “We could have signed 10 or 12 guys right now very easily, but I don’t want to do that. I want to get the right ones. I want to get the guys who can compete for championships and help us win.”

Coach Satt is trying to change the culture and simotainously rebuild a once proud program. Satterfield said in his introductory presser that once the culture is right, winning will follow. We must trust him and give him time.

I don’t think it’s any secret that Petrino didn’t really have his heart in recruiting this past season….

As Always, GO CARDS!


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