Top 10 Photos of 2018

Here are just a few of the thousands (and thousands) of pictures in the CSZ photo galleries from this past football season and a few from this young basketball season. These are my top ten but yours may be different, so be sure to check out all the galleries and tell us what is your favorite image.  Go to and click on the photo galleries tab.





VJ King drops a free throw in another victory at the YUM!



P.J. Mbanasor breaks up a deep pass late in the game against Florida State.

Louisville vs FSU (59 of 64)


Steven  Enoch slams one home against Central Arkansas. Enoch finished with 16 points and 9 rebounds. Enoch-CA


Jordan Nwora hits a key fade away in the 82-78 victory over the 9th rated Michigan State Spartans.



Louie and Micky Crum lead the Cards onto the field against WKU.

Louisville vs WKU (2 of 4)


Steven Enoch and Khwan Fore share an emotional moment.



The OG rings the bell before the season finale against Kentucky.

11-24-18 vs UK (21 of 60)


The women’s basketball team received their Final Four ring during the football game against Florida State.

Louisville vs FSU (16 of 64)


Malik Cunningham enters the game to rally the Cards to victory against Western Kentucky University.

Louisville vs WKU (35 of 60)


An early look at the newly expanded part of Cardinal Stadium just days before the 2018 football season. The work crew was putting on the finishing touches.

Cardinal Stadium (1 of 1)


Honorable mention images…

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