JUCO LB Monty Montgomery Commits To The Cards

Monty Montgomery
Photo Courtesy of @MontyTBE1 Twitter Account

UofL Football adds to its linebacking corps today with the pickup of JUCO OLB Monty Montgomery.

The 5’11 218 lbs OLB is originally from Grayson, GA where he played at Norcross High School. He went to Tulane out of high school, but eventually transferred to Hutchinson (KS) Community College. In his one season at Hutchinson CC, Montgomery had 78 tackles, 3 interceptions (2 returned for TDs), 3 forced fumbles, 2 fumble recoveries (1 returned for a TD), and 6.5 sacks.

After his one season, Montgomery committed to Arkansas State. However, the UofL offer made him reconsider. He chose UofL over Arkansas State, Old Dominion, South Alabama, UTSA, and Southern Miss. Cort Dennison was his primary recruiter according to 247sports.

Montgomery’s high school and JUCO HUDL highlights show exactly why UofL coveted him. He’s fast, smart, and a sure tackler with a high motor.

Here are some of the skills and talents he possesses that UofL fans will enjoy seeing in Cardinal Stadium.


Montgomery is a very fast OLB. His speed allows him to shoot gaps on rushing plays before an OL can touch him. It also makes him an effective blitzer from the edge. He’s also very effective as a zone coverage LB. Montgomery is a nightmare for offenses because he can close off seemingly open holes or passing lanes. He’s fast enough to be on the other side of a play and still be able to make a tackle or pass breakup.

Diagnosing Plays

Montgomery is a very smart player. He’s often able to quickly diagnose a play as run or pass and then take appropriate action. He’s very good in zone coverage of reading a QB’s eyes and getting into the passing lane. When he recognizes run, he immediately figures out what side the run is going to, shoots the gap, closing the hole, and making the tackle. It appears Hutchinson utilized him as a QB spy as well. One of his sacks has him sitting in the middle of the defense. When opposing QB breaks outside from the pocket, Montgomery immediately breaks for him, using his speed to get a sack.

Great Tackler

Montgomery is an excellent form tackler. He always wraps up, never appearing to be content simply hitting an opposing player with his shoulder. He is strong enough to bring bigger players to the ground on his own or hold them up until teammates arrive to finish them off. Open field tackling is definitely a strong suit for Montgomery. In one play, he is one on one with a RB in a gaping hole. He is able to make an excellent tackle that likely prevented a big gain.

Ability to Avoid Blocks

I often point out how other recruits are able to shed blocks, but with Montgomery it’s different. He often doesn’t have to shed blocks because he avoids them all together. His quickness and speed allow him to blow by would-be blockers untouched to make plays.

It’s quite amazing to see OL and, in some cases, RBs, look like their feet are encased in cement as Montgomery blows by them to make plays. His speed and play recognition allow him to be much more patient and let a play develop. As he sees the holes open for RBs, almost like a RB, he attacks the hole and is in position to stop the running play cold.

Excellent Zone Coverage LB

Montgomery is a great zone coverage OLB. It allows him to play to his strengths of reading and reacting. He will read the QBs eyes and make a play on the ball. It also allows him to recognize when a QB is in trouble and attack him; almost like QB spy.

Monty Montgomery is a pure defensive playmaker. It’s no wonder why Cort Dennison went after him as soon as he arrived back at UofL. Montgomery should help be able to implement Bryan Brown’s and Cort Dennison’s new aggressive style of defense. He’s a very fast, aggressive OLB with a high motor. His speed, agility, intelligence, and tackling make him a nightmare for opposing offenses. Montgomery can break on a pass and intercept it. He can see a hole open for a RB, be in it, and bring down the RB. He can get to the QB and sack him. Montgomery could be a terror with his motor and skills under Brown and Dennison.

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