OH OL Jackson Gregory Commits To UofL Football

Jackson Gregory
Photo Courtesy of @JacksonGregs55 Twitter Account

UofL Football continues to shore up its offensive line with the addition of OH OL Jackson Gregory.

The 6’3 290 lbs Gregory is an OG/OC that played for Westlake High School in Westlake, OH. He’s a big offensive lineman with a nasty disposition when he’s on the field.

Watching some of Gregory’s Hudl highlights, it makes perfect sense why Dwayne Ledford and Scott Satterfield wanted him. He’s big, powerful, and yet quick and agile. Here are some of the things that jumped out to me on his highlights.


Gregory is an OL that played two positions on the line; OG and OC. He was equally adept at both. As an OG, he was a very powerful run blocker. They were able to utilize his quickness and agility by pulling him and he was a monster coming from one side to the other and laying waste to any defender in his path.

As an OC, he was stout and often was able to make it a much easier job for his RB to gain yards up the gut. He was able to snap the ball and get his hands on his blocking assignment no problem. The one thing the highlights didn’t show that I am interested in is how well he can communicate protections to the rest of the line when at OC.

Quickness and Agility

As mentioned above, Gregory displayed quite a bit of quickness and agility for a guy his size. It especially shined when playing OG. Westlake had him pulling a lot; getting him out on the edge and letting him take out LBs, DEs, and DBs so his RB could gain yards. When playing OC, it showed too in his ability to quickly get out of his stance after snapping the ball and get to his blocking assignment.

Strength and Leverage

Gregory is very strong and utilizes his strength and size for leverage against defenders. He is very good at getting under defenders pads and churning his legs to drive them back many yards, often with the defender ending up on the ground. Even when he doesn’t get a lot of push, he’s strong enough to stonewall a defender and move them to one side or the other to open holes for his RB.

Finishing Blocks

Gregory will keep blocking through the whistle. He likes to finish off blocks whether in pass protection or run blocking. Gregory prefers to finish his blocks by putting defenders in the dirt. He seems to take great delight in driving opponents into the ground. I imagine Coach Ledford will love this about Gregory.

Gregory is the kind of tough, powerful, agile OL the new UofL staff wants. UofL will be a much more run heavy team under Satterfield and Gregory excels as a run blocker both at the OG and OC position. However, he is also a very good pass protector as well, keeping defenders from charging right up the middle to bring pressure in his QB’s face. The nastiness he brings as a blocker along with his skill set make him a perfect fit for what Dwayne Ledford and Scott Satterfield want. He’s a proverbial diamond in the rough. Gregory will not just add quality depth, but will have a great chance at being a big contributor on the offensive line for UofL Football.

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