Photo Gallery: Louisville Football Spring Showcase

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For everyone who stayed home because it was too cold – It really wasn’t cold. It was freezing! But there was a nice little scattered snowfall, and you can see in some of the pictures that it made for a nice wintry effect. Maybe not ideal football weather but they practiced none the less. I can tell you that despite the weather, the team looked excited to be there and was full of energy and effort. First thing I noticed is that most players look like bobbleheads in those practice helmets. I did see improvement on the defensive side of the ball. I’m not saying the defense will be better for sure but I can tell you that they will be flying to the ball and finishing tackles. And that should lead to improvement. CJ Avery, Yasir Abdullah and Chandler Jones really caught my eye. It also appeared that the running game will be a major part of the offense. Louisville has depth at running back and not just bodies – they have talented backs. Hassan Hall, Colin Wilson, Dae Williams, Javian Hawkins all looked good. It’s really hard to tell how much the offense has improved because they aren’t doing much as the whole offense han’t been installed yet. When talking about the offense, coach Satterfield said “We’re very basic right now.” You can hear coach Satterfield’s post showcase comment here. Don’t forget that Louisville is still loaded at wide receiver too. Dez Fitzpatrick looked like he was in mid-season form. Oh, Mekhi Becton is still a large individual. I wish I could give you some new news about the QB situation but I didn’t really see anything different other than maybe Jawon looked a little more confident…. Maybe.

Overall, I walked away pleased with what I saw and optimistic for the future. I am also now 100% sure that coach Satterfield is the man for the job.

Below is our photo gallery so you can see what you missed…

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