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I don’t think it’s an understatement to say that the last few years as a Cardinal fan have been challenging, distressing, heartbreaking, vexing, grueling, cumbersome and unstable. There have been a few moments that have brought hope and a slight glimpse into what could be a bright future but with the probability of future NCAA sanctions hanging in the balance, it’s hard to be overly optimistic.

I don’t think it’s necessary to list all the things that Cardinal fans have recently endured. You all know the trials and tribulations that you have endured and in the small chance that you have forgotten any of this, I don’t want to bring it up and make you think about it again.

Every Cardinal fan wants all this NCAA stuff to be over so they can start rebuilding the Louisville athletic program back to national prominence.

But during the process of struggling through the acceptance of responsibility and punishment from the NCAA, Louisville fans have been punished more than anybody. The process of rebuilding started with staff changes and those changes have taken a toll on everyone and divided the fan base. I’ve seen way too much Card on Card crime.¬†Nobody is right or wrong because everyone is entitled to their opinion. Only thing that matters is that everyone continues to support the program.

It’s tough to be positive when the future of the program is as clear as the waters that flow on the Ohio river.

However, there are reasons to be positive.


The hiring of head football coach, Scott Satterfield, wasn’t accepted nearly as well as the hiring of head basketball coach, Chris Mack. But as he assembled his staff, the optimism for the football program started to escalate – and Card fans deserve it. The incoming basketball class, combined with the decisions of Jordan Nwora and Steven Enoch to return to school have given a huge boost of confidence to the Cardinal faithful – and they deserve it. The numerous preseason college basketball rankings that all have Louisville in the top 5 really have pumped the fan base full of hope.

The future of the football and men’s basketball programs are starting to look very bright but the bright future is not a guarantee. It’s highly likely but it’s not definite.

What is definite is the this Louisville baseball team is headed to Omaha for the College World Series – and the fans deserve it.

No matter the outcome of the trip to Omaha, this baseball team has provided a positive energy that is helping galvanize a wounded fan base. They have given the fans a reason to believe. A reason to come together and celebrate. A reason to enjoy the moment and forget all the negativity that has been ever-present the majority of the last few years – And the fans deserve it!

As Always, GO CARDS!



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